Situated in a stunningly beautiful natural landscape, Brunntal Estate is only a 60 mile drive away from the sophistication of Austria’s capital city, Vienna. Our spacious resort stretches out against the background of magnificent mountains and ensures our guests quickly forget the hub-bub of city life. It you want to get away from it all (but not too far away) Brunntal Estate will entice you in so many ways that you may not want to leave when it is time to do so!


First the Celts and later the Romans discovered the virtually impenetrable forests surrounded by Alpine Limestone Mountains here.

In our days, as a guest of Brunntal Estate you enter your own nature paradise. Stags roar, birds twitter, trees whisper as the “Schneeberg” (Snow Mountain) rises majestically above the pine clad hills.


Stresses and strains are quickly forgotten in our 1,200 acre nature reserve. Tranquillity brings strength, as the saying goes, and here with us tranquillity may be consumed wonderfully in comfortable leisure and the Alpine-fresh atmosphere.  Take a deep breath, inhale the fresh air of the forest – and feel the vitality of this inspiring environment vibrate through your body!


Holidays in nature, company meetings, weddings, social gatherings – Brunntal Estate offers the perfect location and a most suitable ambiance for many occasions. Personal care and excellent service ensure that all our guests enjoy being here and that your high expectations are fulfilled.