A look-and-discover-safari in this Lower Austrian forest region will be highly educational when led by one of our professional guides. You will learn who is the noisiest animal of them all, why a stag builds a wallow during summer, and who is permitted to be commander of hinds and calves. The main characters are listed below:

Red Stag


Red stag is the largest game in open nature in Central Europe. The antlers are this game’s most prominent and most characteristic quality. Brunntal Estate will bring you so close to this king of the native forest – no other place will.

Fallow Deer


Fallow deer has Bambi’s dots on its body. The spotted summer skin is typical of this cloven-hoofed animal as are the palmated antlers. It is as fast and as skilful as his more noisy counterpart, the red stag.

Moufflon Ram


In open nature you will rarely see moufflon, this game is extremely shy. At Brunntal Estate, a society of moufflon – with their characteristic winding horns – are not easily driven away; thus they are there to be looked at and admired.

Alpine Ibex


Up to one metre length may be the maximum for an Ibex horn. This, however, is the magnificent decoration of the male head, not the female. Also, the “goat beard” is exclusively male. Ibex acts as stubbornly as red stag when competing with other males about the leadership of the harem.

Wild Boar


This robust, earthy and very socially inclined game enjoys the habitat at Brunntal Estate. It is very interesting to observe how the females take good care of their young wild boar and how even the greatest of the male wild boar must adhere to a hierarchical social order.