Surrounded by pine clad hills and fresh green meadows, Brunntal Estate makes nature and luxury melt into each other. The large forestry estate and all the nature surrounding the world-class Villa and Guest House make our guests feel like king and queen of their own forest.

The Estate

Tranquil, exclusive and exquisite, Brunntal Estate is situated in an aisle in the heart of the forest. Unique in Lower Austria, this holiday spot combines an experience of nature with luxury of the highest degree.


Brunntal Estate is located near the village Rohr im Gebirge, at the feet of the mountains “Schneeberg”, “Rax” and “Unterberg”. The area, which is surrounded by the eastern edges of the Alps, is fondly called “Little Siberia” by the local people. However, Brunntal Estate, for some may well be seen as having the flair of an American national park.


In our place, the mountains roar! The stags during rutting season – when they roar out their male strength – turn into a noisy game orchestra. The loudest is the king of the Lower Austrian forests, the red stag.