If you saw the film “A River Runs Through It” with Brad Pitt fly-fishing and if you want to try this art yourself, you will have a chance to do so at the lake which was created at Brunntal. You will have an experienced fisherman at your side with opportunities at rainbow trout and char in the lake; in addition surrounding rivers offer the brown trout and grayling. And in the autumn months, an angler has the chance at the “Huchen” (untranslatable Austrian fish).

The size of the lake is 1.6 acre (6.500 square metres), and contains enormous rainbow trout and char.



For the passionate hiker, Brunntal Estate offers beautiful mountain paths and eventful forest routes. In clear weather you find spots high up on the hills and mountains with a view across the valley onto the treetops all around.

Cross-country skiing


Nordic style, with ski and stick, you may explore the winter landscape. There is a lot of snow, which makes a winter wonderland, and depending on your tempo and the gradient of the slope, you will have a mild or tough work-out.

Ice skating


Skating is possible on ice – on the frozen lake. In total stillness of nature you will hear the softest scratching of your skaters on ice. Perhaps the more active and abrupt curves on ice will cause an echo from the forest.



From a bird’s-eye view, you will see the magnificent panorama of the Estate. Perhaps from above, you will make out hotspots which you want to re-discover later by walking on foot.

Climbing and Tobogganing


Tobogganing at all sorts of speed is easy, climbing at your choice of strength and balance is available – with professional aides.