Hunting in an Austrian estate means:

Keeping up genuine and age-old hunting traditions, keeping up harmony between man, nature and native game, tranquillity, concentration and action according to hunting ethics, handing on - from generation to generation -  experience of the seasonal changes in nature, carrying out the hunt with professional guidance, adhering to the quality of a serious and individually pursued sport.

Brunntal has an amazing density of game population and also an extraordinary quality of trophies to be obtained. Our guest hunters will be very pleased.

According to Austrian tradition, hunting is carried out either by stalking (“auf der Pirsch”), or from an enclosed stand (“vom Hochsitz”), always accompanied by a professional guide.

Accommodation in our guest house is of very high standard with absolutely everything that a guest would need.

Game which may be hunted:
Red stag, fallow deer, moufflon, roe buck, chamoix, wild boar.

Size of the hunting area: total 2,200 acres (900 hectare) of which 1.200 acres (500 ha) are fenced-in.