Panorama Picnic


Have you ever eaten a fine lunch right there on an enclosed hunting stand? At Brunntal this is made possible, you dine at your look-out stand (“high seat”) while you enjoy the view. Then, if you are interested, a professional guide will give you an introduction into the eco-system of this splendid country resort.

Excursions by Coach and Sledge


Approaching the site of the hunting stand may be an extraordinary experience. During the summer months you may do so, perhaps with a touch of romance, by relaxing in a horse-driven coach. During winter you will be dashing or gliding through the snow with horse-powered sleigh.

Game Watching


At Brunntal you may watch game very closely, which otherwise would be shy and hardly ever visible. While watching the game you yourself may be curiously eyed by these animals. You choose, as you wish, to walk through the forest to follow the tracks of the animals or to be chauffeured in a four-wheel-driven car to observe red stag and company – and to get out of the car occasionally.

Excursion by Night


There are unique perspectives and unusual sights in the forest when you do a guided tour by night. Fauna and flora in the dark offer interesting details when seen at moonlight or with flashlight.